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Animal Deterrents Sub Category


Pestfree - view 1
Pestfree - view 2


Pestfree - the ultrasonic pest management system that will keep your garden clear

Inaudible to humans and harmless to all species. Deters pests. Banish cats, dogs, foxes, rabbits and martens from protected area. A compact, stylish and powerful pest deterrent for your garden.

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FOXwatch - view 1
FOXwatch - view 2


FOXwatch - The ultrasonic pest scarer that keeps foxes away from the garden. SPECIAL OFFER- Includes a free mains adaptor(1 per customer)

Foxwatch is one of the most successful fox deterrent ever invented. And the reason is simple...

It only uses the principles of animal behavioural response patterns to communicate the clear message or threat that the fox is not welcome. Please note, this product will also deter dogs.

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CATwatch - view 1
CATwatch - view 2


CATwatch- the RSPB approved ultrasonic cat deterrent to keep cats away from the garden. SPECIAL OFFER-FREE MAINS ADAPTOR (1 per customer) or two free batteries
CATwatch actually trains even the most persistent feline visitor to stay out of your garden for good, that's what makes CATwatch different.

Tested and approved by the RSPB, following a two year field trial!

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Catfree Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent.


Catfree - a compact & powerful ultrasonic Cat Deterrent for your garden.

Protects garden birds, wildlife, fish ponds, flower beds & lawns in an area of 88 sq m. Manufactured in the UK & comes with a 2 year warranty.
Power supply is 1 x 9 volt Duracell alkaline battery (not included) or optional mains adaptor kit. Note: We do not recommend the use of re-chargeable or cheap batteries as the functionality will be greatly impaired.
How it works: Catfree detects the cats movement & body heat through it's sensitive PIR lens. Once activated Catfree sends a powerful series of modulating ultrasound frequencies through the high quality speaker. Over a short period of time the cat learns to avoid the protected area.
Safe & humane, harmless to cats (inaudible to humans)

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Pest Controller


Pest Controller emits a 40 KHz ultrasonic signal approximately every 8 seconds to protect an area approx. 1000 sq.ft., unobstructed. Pest Controller is totally safe.

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Glass Floating Bubbles

Glass Floating Bubbles   - view 1
Glass Floating Bubbles   - view 2
Glass Floating Bubbles   - view 3


Our Glass Floating Bubbles are perfect for all ponds or water features. One of our most popular garden ornaments, this fantastic product is made from 100% recycled hand blown glass and is frost proof. The glass has iridescent colour creating a rainbow effect when the light shines on it.

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Cats Eye Wind Spinner

Cats Eye Wind Spinner  - view 1


The Cats Eye Wind spinner is designed to display the striking marble which delicately turns with the gentlest of breeze. This charming wind spinner will compliment any garden

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Chakra Crystal Healing Icicles Sun Catcher

Chakra crystal Icicles- view 1


Chakra Crystal Healing Icicles Sun Catcher is a delicate strand of multi-coloured crystals stacked to catch the light and twinkle like jewels in the sky. The icicles look beautiful hanging single or in groups, both indoors and out.

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Jewelled Nova Crystal Spinners

Jewelled Nova Crystal Spinners  - view 1
Jewelled Nova Crystal Spinners  - view 2


Our Jewelled Nova Crystal Spinners display a beautiful rainbow strand of crystals. As the Jewelled Nova gracefully rotates and dances in the soft breeze, the light will catch the 30% lead crystals casting out beautiful jewel like colours

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Chakra Sunshine Healing Crystal Sun Catcher

Chakra Sunshine Healing Crystal Sun Catcher  - view 1
Chakra Sunshine Healing Crystal Sun Catcher  - view 2
Chakra Sunshine Healing Crystal Sun Catcher  - view 3


Our Dragonfly Healing Crystals Sun Catcher are made with pewter wings and a 20mm crystal ball in 10 colours; all on a nylon coated wire. This truly magical sun catcher has a pleasing eye-catching look.
These are sold individually and look great either single or in a group.

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