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Garden Water Features Sub Category

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Lady and Child Water Feature

Granite lady & child (2 s/s spheres) -view1


An attractive water feature made in poly-resin that will bring a sense of calm and harmony where ever it is situated. The abstract lady and child design is delightful is its sweeping curves and soft lines.

Two stainless steel orbs sit atop the mother and child as a bubbling jet of water with LED light creates the magical, soothing sound of burbling water.

In stock

Blue Granite Embracing Couple

Blue Granite embracing Couple- View 1
Blue Granite Embracing Couple - view 2


The Blue Granite Embracing Couple form a heart shape abstract sculpture of love and movement. This beautiful piece is suitable for home or garden and is made of robust poly-resin which will last for years.

A gift of love for yourself or for someone whom you would like to know that you care.

In stock

Open Granite Sphere on Column

Open Granite sphere on column-view1
Open Granite Sphere on Column - view 2


The Open Granite Sphere on Column is a lovely water feature that will create a lovely focal point in the garden or courtyard. Abstract and made in robust poly-resin this granite finish water feature is handsome pleasing to the eye!

In stock

Meditating Couple

 Meditating Couple - view 1
 Meditating Couple - view 2


The meditating couple is a sensual garden sculpture evoking a feeling of treasured closeness between two people. Made in Poly-resin in a granite effect, the Meditating Couple is a perfect wedding or anniversary gift.

The water cascades between the two figures representing the flow of love between the two.

Out of stock

Black Column With Red Sphere

 Black Column With Red Sphere - view 1


Bold, striking modern design, would really suit a contemporary setting indoors or out. Colourful impact, and masculine lines create a focal point that will really catch the eye. Lights: 1 Cluster Led’s

Out of stock

Granite Yin & Yang



A realistic self-contained water feature, with the natural look of granite. Impressive detailing of this feature is kept to a manageable weight due to the high quality resin used in its construction. One cluster LED light illuminates the water as bubbles from the feature.

In stock

Granite V Shaped Spheres



A high quality poly-resin water feature consisting of three tapered towers with a sphere on top of each. Each sphere also contains an LED light, which turns this attractive fountain into an eye-catching display of water and light during the evening hours.

In stock

2 Bowl on Granite Column



Two bowls atop a pillar in a dark, polished granite effect with a contrasting wave-pattern stripe. Water pours from the top bowl into the lower before spilling back into the column

In stock

Pyramid With Crystal Ball

Pyramid With Crystal Ball - view 1
Pyramid With Crystal Ball - view 2


A simple to install, poly-resin fountain featuring a realistic stone effect column with three tiers, cascading water and a large LED light crystal that gives this realistic looking feature an attractive, glowing effect that allows you to enjoy your fountain both day and night.
The pump, lights and 10m mains cable are included.

In stock

Light/Dark Granite Pillars



This beautifully designed and low priced water feature .Suitable for outdoors and indoor use.Just add water and connect to electric supply.Mains pump included and supplied with 10m of cable

In stock

Sandstone Open Back



Attractive sandstone-effect poly-resin keeps this angular, stylish water feature lightweight and robust, with realistic detailing. This fountain features an open back and low voltage lighting, allowing for a stunning appearance no matter the angle.

In stock

Medium Rock Falls



A large, natural stone-look water feature consisting of a multi-tiered waterfall cascade with a rock pool made in durable poly-resin. Despite its impressive detailing, this feature is kept to a manageable weight due to the properties of the high quality resin

In stock

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